Augmented Reality & Consumer Intent

Consumer Survey: 3 out of 4 Americans Prefer Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) usage is becoming widespread and consumers are overwhelmingly positive about the new technology. Of those who’ve already used some form of AR, the majority felt that AR will be most desirable in retail. However, only 1 in 5 have experienced retail-based AR today.

AR offers a tremendous opportunity for any brand, especially retailers. While most of today’s AR experiences are on Snapchat and Facebook, consumers said they would prefer to use AR to help them with purchasing decisions. To keep pace, retailers need to invest in practical uses of AR to build consumer confidence, and drive sales while decreasing high cost returns.

To help brands target the right approach to AR, we conducted a survey to illuminate consumer intent and attitude toward AR experiences.

Download the survey report to discover more about:

  • The most common AR experiences, including non-branded, retail, and entertainment
  • Why consumer intent to share AR experiences is very high
  • Desirable AR experiences like placing imaginary items in their environment and trying products on their hands, feet, or body

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